Nov 04

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When you see that someone reblogged the same post as you,


But then you notice that they reblogged it from someone else, not you.

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Oct 28

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Arguing with others -


When I was younger:



so truuue ^

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Sorry, but.. OMG!! I can’t breathe.


WUT DA?! LMFAOO. i cant’ even.

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Can someone please tell me what has happened to society? I overheard a 12 year old girl telling her friend that she’s not a virgin. Are you even supposed to know what virgin means when you’re 12? I’m disgusted. Kids, stop trying to grow up. Trust me, you’re going to wanna go back to being a kid when you grow older. Stop trying to rush everything. You’re 10 and you have a mobile phone? You’re 11 and you have Facebook? You’re 12 and you’ve had sex? Come on. This is so stupid. Society is fucked up. Beauty seems to be defined by society as “skinny”. Wanna know what I think? “FAT” is freaking gorgeous. If you don’t agree? Get the fuck out. Society is ruined, it’s messed up, and unfortunately I can’t do anything about that.


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